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"FISCHER REGINA CERAMICS" combines not only high quality and fine craftsmanship, but also stands for the passion for the material and the appreciation of the time that each product needs to become the unique piece that it truly is.

In her work Regina Fischer questions the relationship between traditional ceramics production and processes in nature as well as social and current issues, by blurring the boundaries between these areas and also explores with great dedication the material and the numerous possibilities it offers. In this way, she creates one of a kind ceramic products for everyday use as well as unique works of art in her manufactory.

Each product is carefully handcrafted in Berlin, Germany.


Selected Exhibitions 

Dutch Design Week 2022 (Eindhoven)

Collect 2020 (London)

Dutch Design Week 2019 (Eindhoven)

Dutch Design Week 2015 (Eindhoven)


2021 Lecturer at the HBK Saar -"development of digital products"

Since 2020 Lecturer at the Saarland University (Philosophical Faculty) -"development of digital products"



German Design Award Nominee 2021, Newcomer

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